Food Safety

Investing in the future of agriculture and food with Industry 4.0

All wheat varieties are carefully selected by our experts, and they are transported to our mill with pleasure with the contracted agriculture model and licensed warehousing infrastructure made all over Anatolia. Produced by the black mill method and produced untouched by Industry 4.0 Technology, the flours provide a tremendous touch that will carry Anatolia's unique grain heritage to the future.

The dream of black ground grain is unique structures where flour turns into art.

Our mill is one of the safest mills in Europe in terms of food, where the wheat is cleaned in the most detailed way, washed with special alkaline water with a PH of 8, and cleaned and cleaned of all agricultural residues.

Equipped with Swiss Bühler technology, the world milling technology giant, in our facility with a total height of 50,000 m2 and a height of 42 meters, 504 tons of wheat is processed per day, making it one of the first Industry 4.0 milling applications in Europe. With a production team of 2 people.

For the first time in our country, with Industry 4.0 technology, wheat is milled one by one according to its type and hardness, and these flours are mixed up to 1% sensitivity as in chemical/pharmaceutical facilities. We are proud of producing the most suitable products for consumer expectations by obtaining brand-specific products for the first time in Turkey.


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