The Health Brought by Durum Wheat is Now on All Tables!

August 06 2021 Food Art

Ozmen Un; Gobeklitepe and Harran are among the first companies to produce bread flour from durum wheat. We attach great importance to good grains and properly produced flours for healthy bread. In this respect, we thought why durum wheat should only be used in pasta. Ozmen Sarı, which is used extensively in the sector, will be offered for sale at sales points in a form suitable for home use in the first place.

We pioneered the use of durum wheat, which is richer in vitamins and minerals compared to other wheat types, in bread making. We were happy that our predictions were correct. Our people loved this type of wheat very much. All kinds of bread can be made with yellow flour and personalized durum wheat flour, such as loaf bread, village bread, flower bread made with different types of wheat.

Ozmen Sarı, who has become the favorite of artisan bakers, will now create wonders at home with yellow flour. With the Covid-19 virus, our people's use of flour at home has increased. They saw the flour themselves and their faith in flour and wheat increased again while kneading the dough, which makes us very happy. Many different bakery products are made with flour at home and we follow this and believe that at the end of this process, bakery products and pastry will develop further.



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