Tatlı Buluşmalar with Özmen Un - Ankara

November 29 2021 Fairs


Özmen Un, one of Turkey's most established companies, continues to tour Anatolia without slowing down with its "Tatlı Buluşmalar" event. Bringing the industry and industry professionals together for more than half a century, Özmen Un hosted Turkey's leading artisans, baklava makers, masters and industry professionals at the Ankara Hilton Garden Inn Hotel on 19 November.

Dessert Meetings hosted not only confectioners but also bakeries, patisseries, flour suppliers and leading names of the community living in Ankara. While the owner of Tirilye Restaurant Süreyya Üzmez, ANGİAD President Serhan Yıldız, Dünya Newspaper Ankara Representative Ferit Parlak and Yeni Birlik Newspaper Ankara representative Neşe Berber participated in the organization, TABADER, Walnut Producers Association, Başkent Pastry Association were also industry stakeholders in the Sweet Meetings program. joined.

“We never leave our producer without flour”

In the Ankara Program of the organization, which hosts industry professionals from all over Turkey, Chairman of the Board Erhan Özmen and Vice President Oğuz Özmen participated with speeches, while Member of the Board of Directors İpek Develi took care of the guests.

Dessert Meetings continue to attract the attention of not only flour producers but also all brands that produce flour products. In the organization where guests were specially hosted with a classic program, Özmen Un Chairman of the Board Mr. Erhan Özmen, regarding the recent economic fluctuations, said, “Agriculture and food are among the deep-rooted industries of Turkey. Whatever happens, we are at work. We will continue to contribute to the sector and our country, both domestically and with exports. We will never leave our producer without flour” and gave confidence to the sector.

Our aim is to bring together the agricultural heritage of Anatolia with advanced technology.

Pointing out that with Industry 4.0, they produce 43 kinds of flour with 20 engineers in our flour factory, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Oğuz Özmen said, “Our aim is to produce flours that support craftsmanship, make their work easier and of course add flavor to the taste. Our aim is to produce healthy flours by bringing together the agricultural heritage of Anatolia with advanced technology for the food of the future.”

At the "Tatlı Buluşmalar" event in Ankara, where industry professionals were hosted, Mehmet Çiftçi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Çelebioğlu Baklava, one of the leading baklava brands in Turkey, and İsrafil Kartal, Chairman of the Board of Bulguroğlu Baklava, stood by the baklava makers with both their products and their experiences and answered the questions.

Erhan Özmen, who said that he is the 3rd generation representative of a milling family that has been around for half a century, once again drew attention to the power of the sector by saying "The biggest benefit to our country is to grow the baklava market from Turkey to the world by creating strong brands" and gave tips on its future targets.

“Tatlı Buluşmalar" Continue to Travel All Over Turkey”

The "Tatlı Buluşmalar" event that continues to take place all over Turkey; It ended with the distribution of plaques to regional dealers such as Özrize Gıda, Ertürk Chocolate, CS Anadolu Pastacılık, Yeni Birlik Gıda, Atom Pastry, Mayacı Gıda and Harzsızlar Gıda. The next Sweet Meetings program will take place on December 10 at Samsun's Sheraton Grand Hotel.



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