Mr. Kürşat Tüzmen Visited Our Factory!

May 18 2022 General

ÖZMEN UN Gaziantep factory, which is one of the best production facilities in the world with Industry 4.0 technology, was the former Minister of Foreign Trade, Mr. We are proud to host Kürşat Tüzmen!

We hosted in our Gaziantep factory last week, Mr. To Kürşat Tüzmen, Chairman of the Board of Özmen Un, Mr. Erhan Özmen and Özmen Un Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. He was accompanied by Oğuz Özmen. In order to carry the products from these lands to the future with the taste of the first day, we completed our visit at the factory by talking about the importance of agriculture in the economy, as well as explaining our production technology, which transforms our precious grains into flour and cleans every particle with piling system and laser.

As Özmen Un, with the pride of owning one of the best production facilities in the world, our flours, which are produced untouched by dark mills, also make a difference in safe food production. With more than 100 employees, more than 250 business partners and our continuous investment in technology, we continue to grow confidently on our way.



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