Future Of Argiculture And Food We Will Meet At IBAKTECH

February 07 2022 Fairs

Özmen Un, which has been integrating technology into Anatolia's agricultural heritage for more than half a century and transforming grain into flour at the Industry 4.0 mill, brings the future of agriculture to the industry at Ibaktech.

Breaking new ground in the sector, Özmen Un continues to be the pioneer of the sector with its products that accelerate the food industry and support craftsmanship, including functional flours, in Europe's few dark mills in Gaziantep.

Ibaktech meetings are an important meeting point not only for the sector but also for our country, whose export target is to increase the share of food. In this sense, all efforts are based on bringing together the agricultural heritage of Anatolia with the world market.

Climate crisis; one of the most important problems of agriculture and therefore food. The future; We know that it will be possible with Agriculture 5.0, where agriculture and technology meet in harmony. As Özmen Un, it will contribute to the future of the sector; We will bring you eye-opening, inspiring and encouraging speeches on the talk show titled "Taste of Time".

In our past Ibaktech programs; We hosted many important names such as Rafet İnce, Hazer Amani, Aydın Demir and created delicious tastes and memories together. Turkey's most valuable baklava makers, stakeholders of the sector, award-winning bread masters Muharrem Arıcı, Köksal Durum, valuable members of the Bakers National Team, leading brands such as Kara Fırın cooked their special products with our flour and shared them with our friends.

While guiding Ibaktec both in terms of content and design, we shared our belief in the future of food with our local and foreign guests. Within the scope of Ibaktech, we greeted the day by saying good morning with all the stakeholders of the sector that had a stand at the fair, we went to coffee and shared our baklava. We know that machinists, raw material producers and service providers, each of them is very important in meeting the Turkish food industry with the world.

This year, we set out with the longing and excitement we had accumulated during the pandemic. We are very excited and curious. We are getting ready to contribute to the future of food and agriculture with valuable speakers and workshops. Virtual reality, functional foods, metaverse agriculture, metaverse food, agro tourism are topics that are as exciting for you as they are for us. Let's talk together, let's collect new tastes and pleasant memories. Let's reiterate our hope for the future of the Turkish food industry.

We will be happy to host you in our chat programs to be held between 10-13 March 2022.



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