Watch Anatolia's grain and
artisanal heritage

begins, our story

Root, origin, trace, future...

Since our establishment, we have been meeting with the stories of artisans by following the traditions cooked in the kitchen of history. Knowing the value of every flavor that soil and rain add to a grain of wheat, we work to bring them to the table.

We offer our decades of experience to the hands that turn grain into flour in our noble and ancient lands, where the seed gives one thousand. We accept that it is a sign of our respect and gratitude to the fertile lands of Anatolia by producing the futures with our trust in the agricultural industry and artisan.

Secret Of The

in the future of agriculture!

Following the secret of the seed, we are on the road to follow the grain with the strength and excitement we get from our roots, and we produce the flour of the future with the raw material and the legacy of the seeds entrusted to the thousands of years old soil from the inspiration of the trace.

Are you ready to be a guest of a fairy tale, to hit the road after the seed?

Our greatest values in our half-century history are the grain of Mesopotamia and the artisan that has been handprinted by dozens of different civilizations. Now we are on the road, taking Anatolia's grain and artisan heritage with us. After this craftsmanship, we wandered every inch of Anatolia, kneaded dough, listened to legends and collected new memories. We embody the magical journey of a wheat grain, from the seed to the table, within the rich taste of Anatolia.

Our dream
our job!

We think that every stage from the soil to the mill, from the mill to the table, is a valuable artisanship. We produce flour for the future of the world with the seeds of the lands we take root in.

As we turn the seeds and grain of Anatolia into flour and ferment, we knead our future with our dreams.

The future of the world is agriculture,
the future of agriculture is seeds!

Taking our inspiration from the agricultural heritage of Mesopotamia, our search for flavor, carried from the memory of a wheat grain to the present, ends in master hands with the story of the yellow brides. In our journey of a century; We continue to inspire our products, investments and dreams with Anatolia's grain and artisan heritage.


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