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Taking its inspiration from the agricultural heritage of Mesopotamia, Özmen Un continues to support its mission of producing healthy and delicious flour as an Anatolian brand with its investments in technology. The search for flavor, which begins with the story of the blonde brides carried in the memory of a wheat grain, ends in skillful hands.

For Özmen Un, who trusts Anatolia, the agricultural industry and craftsmanship, producing the flour of the future is a sign of respect and gratitude to the fertile lands of Anatolia.

Özmen Un supports fair sharing in food by making the necessary investments for sustainable food and agriculture.

Believing in local and local labor, Özmen Un continues to contribute to the Anatolian agriculture and food industry by making innovative investments in the industry with its experience of half a century and advanced technology. Following in the footsteps of the geographic mark, Özmen Un, a supporter of local and registered seeds, pioneers contracted agricultural activities with licensed warehousing.


Root, origin, trace, future...


Özmen Un, who follows the secret of the seed, follows the traces of the grain with the power and excitement it takes from its roots, and produces the flour of the future with the legacy of the seeds entrusted to the soil and raw materials for the food of the future from the inspiration of the trace. It offers decades of experience to the hands that turn grain into flour in the noble and ancient lands where the seed yields a thousand.

Are you ready to be a guest with a tale and hit the road after the seed?
We hit the road by taking the legacy of grain and craftmanship with us.

Our greatest inspiration in our history, which has passed half a century, is the craftsmanship of Mesopotamia that has taken the traces of grains and handmark of dozens of different civilizations. Following this craftsmanship, we wandered across Anatolia, kneaded dough, listened to legends and accumulated new memories. We have decided to share all the insatiable travels that lasted for months in our catalog. This catalog you are holding in your hand contains the magical journey of a wheat grain from seed to the table, and the richness of Anatolia’s flavor.


Since our establishment, we have met with the stories of craftsmen, following the traditions that have been cooked in the kitchen of history. Our aim is to carry the products from these lands into the future with the taste of the first day. For this, we combined craftsmanship and engineering, transformed our precious grains into flour with Industry 4.0 Technology and cleaned every particle with a piling system and laser. Knowing the value of every flavor that seeds, soil and rain add to a grain of wheat, we strive to bring them to the table. With our investments in technology, our biggest goal is to produce flour suitable for food safety without losing the miraculous nutritional values of the grain and preserving its aroma.


In Mesopotamia, where life and wheat production first started, the sun reflects on the soil differently. Because; the genetics of the wheat are mixed with the soil here. Thousands of years of winds whisper in Çukurova in the spring, the April rains grow the wheat, and the summer sun gives life to the seed. In our journey of half a century; The grain and craftsmanship heritage of Anatolia continues to inspire our products, investments and dreams.

Bread of the Future


We produce flour for the future of the world with the seeds of the lands in which we take root. Healthy, high fiber, low glycemic index and protein-enriched flours will bring health to the tables not only in today’s but also in the world of the future.


Agriculture, Future of the World


Self-sufficiency in agriculture is one of the basic responsibilities of societies as well as countries, and all stakeholders of the sector highly share their duties to become the world leader in agriculture. Supporting Anatolian agriculture can be made possible by designing the future of agriculture. Knowing what a strategic area agriculture is in the future of the world, Özmen Un travels across the Anatolian lands and produces customized flours suitable for food safety with its rich seed variety.


Investment into the future of agriculture and food with Industry 4.0


All wheat varieties that add flavor to flour with the contracted agriculture model and licensed warehousing infrastructure made all over Anatolia are carefully selected by our experts and transported to our mill. The dream of the dark mill grain is the unique structures where flour is transformed into art. Flours produced without human touch with Industry 4.0 Technology provide an enormous touch that will carry Anatolia’s unique grain heritage to the future.


Half a century of experience


The future is possible with products made with healthier and protein-enriched flour. Undoubtedly, as water resources are depleted, agricultural production is becoming more challenging and requiring expertise day by day. Özmen Un experts, who witnessed every stage of the journey from seed to the arrival of the grain to the table, invest in the future of the sector and support local farmers with contracted agricultural projects for healthier and more delicious products. Flours that will make a difference in the world food industry are in the local varieties of Anatolia.


Unique touches made with barley, millet, oats and dozens of different grains turn flour into a health-friendly raw material. The limits of the flavors to be made with healthy flours are as endless as your dreams. Bread, the rising star of gastronomy, turns into diamond in master hands.

Flour Mill of The Future With Dark Mill

We are reaffirming our belief on the future of Turkey by producing flour to our craftsmen who will turn flour into precious jewels.


Anatolia is the world’s agricultural center. Thousands of years ago, agriculture was carried out for the first time in the world in Diyarbakır Karacadağ and Urfa Göbeklitepe. Seeds steeped in the shadow of craftsmanship for thousands of years now make a difference by being milled with Industry 4.0 Technology for the world’s tables. There is a handprint and memory of Anatolian civilizations in every grain of grain that is milled.


We walked across Anatolia through the eyes of grain and traces of craftsmen. We became wheat grains in the water channels of the Urartians; we turned green, the Sumerians became our light; We kneaded thousands of dough, we met Assyrians in bakeries, we hugged cotton in the mound of minstrels, we witnessed the miracle of salvation with a slice of bread in the War of Independence. Before us, we dreamed after every trace that touched the bread, and offered our gratitude. In the struggle for liberation in Gaziantep, we contributed to the bread, turned the poison into ointment for our wounds, we saw the victory. Wheat, which was the hope of the world thousands of years ago on the wing of the Virgo bird, continues to be our guide today. With the seeds in our hands and the dream to come in our hearts, we took the smell of the soil on our back and met Anatolia.


In Kastamonu we took a breath in the hopeful story of the world with a seed. We planted einkorn seeds for the future of gastronomy. We got into sweet dreams with the curved plum on a slice of einkorn. We returned to the day with Kastamonu’s famous pastrami.


In Kars we wrote poems to Kavlıca, we accompanied cheese and bread in Boğa Tepe. We took warm creams from sheeps, lambs and brand new, side by side sheep pens. One evening in the wide streets of Kars, we listened to the story of Kavlıca, who traveled the world starting from Kars, from century-old grandmothers.


In Vakfıkebir we hit the road again with a piece of bread in our hands with harvest in our minds after Vakfıkebir Bread, which was cooked with a lot of difficulty. We kneaded dough in Vakfıkebir, whose reputation exceeds the world. From Master Artin to Master Ahmet, we listened to the heroes of the expatriate cake that migrated from Crimea after sourdough.


In Konya we commemorated Rumi and arrived at night. We offered our gratitude to the rising sun, the pouring rain and the flying bird every morning, and celebrated the harvest. The harvested farmers welcome the seeds they entrust to the land with love and gratitude, just as the day comes in the morning. The harvest festival is the reward of the year in Anatolia. The women who collect the seeds that pile on the agony in Konya’s plain lands eagerly to the future. Weddings and associations are established throughout the Anatolian steppes. Seeds placed in dowry chests are the most valuable legacy of the bride. If there is a seed, there is life in Anatolia. On such a day, we celebrated the harvest in Konya. Bulgur boilers were removed, the tandoori burned, the dough was kneaded, the dough came alive with the fire of the sun touching the skin. The dough, which started to bake as it burned and turned into bread as it was cooked, ended with the stories of those who had a propeller on fire. The slices of bread smelling like cereal that we took into our hands turned into Halil İbrahim’s table where those who parted their bread met for the sake of salt bread at the Sufism table. Anatolia shares every piece of its bread, sometimes addition to Ezine cheese and sometimes accompanies the olive that comes from Ida.


In Ege we went from light like a feather to clear like water, we took out boyozes from the oven, and the smoke of the Aegean. We caught chickpea yeast in Torbalı, we remembered our Cretan immigrant masters in the memories of ash yeast. We listened to the story of flowers and migration from Nuran from Germiyan. On a May morning we got up early and gathered the dew of the night, we picked yeast from the leaves, for the bread of the future. We fermented our story and our adventure.


Anatolia’s seeds, soil and yeast have been our inspiration. As we fermented tradition, it became our dream that we would come before common era. We added our own handprint to the story of the seed that started in the 12th millennium BC and carried it to today. We shined with the light of mastery and transformed the seed into flour and the grain into flavor with the health of the grain growing in the bosom of the earth.

The magical story of grain has healed our flour, and your tables. Now, how about going on the road after this miraculous journey and secret?
Tapduk Emre says; “You conquer a country with a spear, and you can settle down with wheat, son.

We have processed everything in Anatolia to our flour in order to share the struggle of the people of Anatolia, the unique flavor layers that Anatolian civilizations added to the dough. The countries that are strong in agriculture, which have been holding agricultural production from past to present, have always survived and carried their culture to the future. In this sense, wheat means the future for Anatolia. With this awareness and mission, Özmen Un fermented Anatolia with the word “yeast” that our ancestors brought from Central Asia and turned wheat into sustenance.




Özmen Un is an ambassador who carries the soil to the plate with the belief that the soil will protect the seed, the raindrop will grow it and the sun will nourish it. Because it knows that; No craftsman can feed a seed that cannot be fed by the soil. Its investment in technology comes from the respect for craftsmanship and its belief in the future.


The dough is kneaded gently, without tiring or battering it. There is neither more nor less salt and water, everything should be in the right consistency. The true craftsman doesnt’ hold the secret, is after the secret. As the dough is cooked, it changes shape in mastery and becomes craftsmanship.


Secret of the Wheat


The Wise People says; The secret of wheat is in the belly of Elif, if you say what is the secret of the belly,that is where everything had started where God said “kün” meaning “be”. As Özmen Un, we bring you together with the story of that miraculous meeting where the seed meets the soil, and what the soil and rain add to the grain. Özmen Un’s flavor collection takes its secret from elif’s belly of wheat and its skill from the skilful hands of craftsmen.


Tables set up all over the world, meet Özmen Un’s flavor collection with taste and pleasure. With the exports we make to many countries of the world, we bring the Anatolian grain heritage together with different cultures and bring the taste of 12 thousand years to the tables.


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