Field Agriculture

Field Agriculture
  • Stubble deterioration continues. In some places, tillage is done for autumn planting, in others for the second crop.
  • Autumn sowing is done with second crops.
  • Irrigation, hoeing and other maintenance works continue.
  • The fight against all kinds of diseases and pests continues. Pests are also controlled in warehouses.
  • The harvest of grain and other field crops continues. The threshing works are done. Products are stored and packaged. Products are shipped to the market. In warehouses, products are stored in accordance with the technique.


  • Soil is prepared in the gardens to be planted for autumn.
  • No sewing.
  • Studies are carried out for irrigation, cleaning of hoe, sprout and root bastards in orchards and nurseries. The stagnant eyeball continues. Fertilizer syrup is given.
  • All kinds of fruit diseases and pests are struggled.
  • The harvest continues. Fruit is packaged and shipped in a variety of ways, or dried, canned, juiced and stored.


  • Site preparation is made for the last season vegetables.
  • In the last season, vegetable seeds are planted and seedlings are planted.
  • In the vegetable gardens, maintenance works such as hoeing, irrigation, cutting ends, buying seats are carried out.
  • It is made with methods suitable for combating diseases and pests of all kinds of vegetables.
  • Harvest work continues throughout this month. Vegetables are properly packaged and shipped to the market. Some of them are dried or evaluated by making tomato paste, pickles, canned food and jam.


  • Maintenance works such as collecting leaves, collecting leaves and irrigation are carried out in the vineyards.
  • All kinds of vineyard diseases and pests are struggled.
  • Harvest, marketing and evaluation studies continue.


  • Since the animals cannot find enough feed in the pastures, additional feeds are given. Sheep shearing continues. Animals should be given plenty of green fodder in places where barn fattening is done.
  • Small-headed and large-headed animals are mated.
  • Harvesting, drying, baling and storage of forage crops and meadows continues.
  • Fight against various animal diseases and pests.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming
  • House cleaning and disinfection continues. The walls are whitewashed with lime.
  • Hens and broilers are fed a variety of feeds. Green feeding continues. Chickens are left on stubble, clover and meadows.
  • The war against all kinds of chicken diseases and pests continues.


  • Hive cleaning continues. Full frames are removed and replaced with spaces. The hives are transplanted to places where flowers are plentiful and vegetation is plentiful. This process should be done at night without shaking the hive.
  • Diseases and pests that can be seen in bees are combated
  • Honey harvest continues.


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