Field Agriculture

Field Agriculture
  • Soil versions continue where weather conditions permit. Driving tools are cleaned and maintained.
  • In warm regions, grains are planted in favorable weather conditions. Sowing instruments are cleaned and stored.
  • Afforestation works are carried out and the sprouts are fed to the animals in the lush fields.
  • Spraying of the warehouses is carried out by combating seed and warehouse pests.
  • Onions, beets, radishes, carrots are sorted. Cotton is ginned. Paddy is milled. Products are stored. It is maintained and evaluated.


  • Sapling pits are opened in warm places. In the nurseries, sapling removal works are carried out with soil.
  • Planting of saplings continues in suitable regions.
  • Pruning can be done in suitable weather conditions for stone fruits. Tree bottoms are filled with earth in the form of mounds to prevent the cold.
  • The fight against diseases and pests in citrus continues.
  • Citrus fruits, bananas and olives are harvested. Products are packaged, shipped to the market and evaluated.


  • Soil preparation work for greenhouses continues.
  • Hot and cold pillows are prepared.
  • Sowing of seeds in greenhouses and hot pads begins towards the end of the month.
  • Irrigation, preservation and various maintenance works are carried out in greenhouses and spas.
  • As in warehouses, pests and diseases are fought in greenhouses and hot pads.
  • Harvesting, packaging and evaluation of winter vegetables are done.


  • In the vineyards, goods are collected and stored.
  • Grapes are taken to warehouses for preservation and marketed.


  • Maintenance continues in barns and pens.
  • Animals are fed with fodder in barns. Pasture grazing can be done in warm regions. Silage feeds began to be used in barns. Beet pulp is especially used for feeding dairy cows. Special feeding is applied to pregnant animals.
  • Necessary preparations are made for premature births.
  • Measures are taken against various animal diseases and barn pests are fought.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming
  • Cleaning and disinfection works continue in the coops.
  • Chickens are fed in coops with various feeds.
  • Chicken diseases are fought.


  • The bees in the hives are left to rest for the winter.


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