Field Agriculture

Field Agriculture
  • The soil has been plowed and made ready for planting for all kinds of fall and spring plantings. With farming, manure and farm manure can be given. Dubbing and triads continue.
  • Grain planting begins in the fall and continues throughout the month.
  • Irrigation, final hoeing and maintenance work continues on newly planted cereals and other plants.
  • Spraying and general control of the seeds to be planted are done.
  • Various industrial facilities, legumes, orchards and grain harvesting continue. Storage and evaluation studies continue. In tobacco, the last leaf is broken.


  • Hole making work is done for autumn plantings.
  • The seedlings are plucked, folded and planted in some areas. Fertilizing should also be done with planting.
  • In some areas, stagnant budding may continue until the first week of this month. Irrigation is stopped.
  • Necessary studies are being carried out to destroy the eggs and chrysalis of the pests that will be active next year.
  • In some places the final harvest for fruits is underway. Fruits are packaged, preserved and evaluated in a variety of ways. Early citrus and olive harvest begins.


  • Soils to be planted in greenhouses are prepared.
  • In some areas, seeds are planted for vegetables that will be early next year.
  • In some regions, watering, hoeing and care of early fall vegetables continues.
  • Diseases and pests that can be seen in autumn in the first season of vegetables are struggled.
  • Various vegetables are harvested, packaged, shipped to the market and evaluated.


  • Tillage and maintenance work in the vineyards has stopped.
  • Measures are taken against insects that will spend the winter under leaves and in cavities. The fight against insect eggs continues.
  • The grape harvest lasts until the middle of the month. Grapes need to be dried, turned into molasses and evaluated as vinegar, and so on.


  • Ventilation, cleaning, disinfection and whitewashing processes continue in the barns. Repair work is done.
  • Animals are fed with a variety of feeds. Dairy cows are tried to be given green feed.
  • Where possible, grazing continues in some pastures. In some places forage crops are harvested. Silage studies are carried out.
  • Protective measures are taken against animal diseases, the struggle continues.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming
  • Cleaning, whitewashing and disinfection works are carried out in chickens.
  • Chickens are given a variety of nutritious feeds. Chickens are released on stubble and greenery in some places.
  • The fight against various chicken diseases continues.


  • The hives are transplanted to wintering places in cold regions. Before it is left to rest for the winter, it is cleaned and the foreign materials inside are discarded.
  • Fight against diseases that can be seen in bees.
  • Honey harvest ends this month. The obtained honey is packaged and shipped to the market.


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