Field Agriculture

Field Agriculture
  • For summer planting, the soil is processed and fertilized. Some grassy fallows are worked superficially with a harrow, cultivator, disc harrow and crow's feet. Some legume fields are plowed for green manure.
  • All field crops are planted and seedlings are planted in suitable places.
  • Hoeing is done in fields covered with weeds or turned into cream by irrigation, weed control in cereals, thinning and misfire in some plants. Newly planted plants are watered.
  • All kinds of diseases that may occur in plants are struggled and necessary precautions are taken. In some plants to be planted, it is beneficial to spray the seed.


  • The cultivation of the lands of the orchards continues, and fertilization is carried out along with the processing.
  • The removal, folding and planting of saplings continues according to the region. Planting has ended in some hot regions.
  • In addition to all kinds of maintenance works, irrigation and hoeing works are also continuing. Pen vaccine continues in some regions. By the end of this month, pruning is usually completed.
  • Diseases and pests that can be seen or seen in gardens are struggled. During the flowering period, the struggle is stopped.


  • In some greenhouses, early vegetable growing works continue. Vegetables are harvested.
  • The maintenance, irrigation and removal works of the saplings in the hot springs continue.
  • Preparations for the vegetable fields continue throughout this month. Necessary fertilizations are made. Garden pans and reels are separated.
  • For some vegetable seedlings, it's time to transfer from the hot pads to the field. Summer vegetable seeds are also planted in the field.
  • Vegetable seeds and seedlings are given vital water after planting. In some regions, vegetable hoes begin. Some vegetables are taken for everyone.
  • Precautions should be taken against all kinds of diseases and pests that can be seen in vegetables.
  • Some early vegetables are harvested, packaged and sent to market.


  • Spring chrysanthemums are made in the vineyards. Hanging throats open. Necessary fertilizers are given.
  • During this month, vine planting continues in some places.
  • Vineyard pruning work continues intensively. Tip removal is applied in some hot regions. Omca's are welcome. Vaccination continues in some areas.
  • Spraying struggles against diseases and pests are also carried out.


  • Necessary maintenance, cleaning and disinfection works continue in the barns.
  • In the pastures where the animals are not pruned enough, barn feeding continues. Towards the end of the month, barn maintenance works are carried out in warm regions.
  • Care should be taken as the births will continue.
  • Rangeland reclamation is done. Grazing on pastures should be an alternative. In some places, new pasture facilities are opening.
  • Preventive vaccines and preventive drugs are used in the fight against diseases and pests.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming
  • Various maintenance, cleaning and disinfection works are carried out for the poultry houses.
  • Incubation continues throughout the month.
  • Efficiency is increased in chickens by feeding with appropriate feed types and chickens are healthy. Special attention should be paid to chicks.
  • Protective vaccines and preventive drugs are used against chicken diseases and pests.


  • The hives must be suitable and the frames must be changed in the hives when necessary.
  • Cleaning and care of bees continues. Hives without queen bees are given queen bees. Sherbet is given as a nutritional supplement in weak hives.
  • Spraying is done and precautions are taken against various bee diseases and pests.


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