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The most beautiful tables in the world are set at home. Laughter with love, bread shared with hope, rabbit blood sipped with tears of joy, bring together the tables where tea is the crown of bread. The smell of street bagels on Sunday morning, the taste of baked bagels on the morning of the feast, every sweet that gives its flavor to special days. The flavors that make every moment of life unique are now carefully prepared for you in the markets with the difference of Özmen Un. So that everyone can be the master chef of their own home and share life with their loved ones. Homemade birthday cake. Baklava pastry, according to decades-old baklava masters, is thinly opened, fragrant sourdough bread that comes out of the oven. Knowing the value of a pinch of salt, a bite of bread, enough flour and water, and the happiness that a spoonful of butter adds to our lives, Özmen Un's only measure is to turn wheat into flour and life into flour. An insatiable adventure with advanced engineering.

Özmen Un produces flour suitable for every oven and stove by making the amateur hands the masters of their craft and making the necessary professional touches to the household flour. In our flavor palette, there are traces of the rainbow that warmed Mesopotamia touching the ground. We share our excitement, inspiration and products with you in our catalog, which we have prepared for you, our esteemed stakeholders, who transform Anatolia's grain and seed heritage into art. We followed in the footsteps of the seed, craft and grain heritage we found. We share our delicious stories and taste meetings with you with the catalog in your hand.

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