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The smell of sourdough has already hit the road...

We process Anatolia's most special and most valuable regional wheats in our dark mill so that the smell of warm bread coming out of the oven will fill the tables and the palate will be cheered up with the crunchy delicious breads. We know that bakeries change, bakers change, breads are kneaded again in factories with sourdough. We understand best the burdens placed on the masters by the time and the fuss of the bakers for their livelihood. Neighborhood bakeries come to life again, and beautiful dreams are made in century-old bakeries. Apprentices start work, journeymen very enthusiastic mastery in a short time. The rush of the masters is for the better. As Özmen Un, we produce flour that will carry the centuries-old tradition of bakeries, the dreams of apprentices to the future, and bring bakeries together with the neighborhood.

Special flours for wood fire, rotary oven, floor oven and all different ovens have been produced for you. With our respect and gratitude to Anatolian bakery...

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