LUCILLA for whole wheat

Whole grain flours are a baker's dream: Conversion of each wheat grain to 100% flour and flavor. In this way, carrying all the healthy values of wheat to the table. Insatiable flavors added to the wheat grain by the Mesopotamian sun and Anatolian rains. Özmen Un, in its Industry 4.0 mill, cleans the grains with the laser peeling system and all health & sensory properties of the grain are carried to the flour. A grain of wheat stores thousands of years of memories and experience in its memory. With Lucilla, centuries-old tastes and insatiable flavors will bring the real flavor of wheat to our palates. Sourdough whole wheat bread, whole grain pastries, crispy snacks will now be prepared with Lucilla. Lucilla is produced for those who look for beyond bread and dedicated to all artisans whose mastery is to transform flour into flavor.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12,5%
max 1,40%

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