TOZLUK for tozluk

Centuries-old bakers, who have the mastery of hundreds of years in handprint, embrace innovation as much as they depend on their habits. The fine bran, which is used in the shoveling of all kinds of local and international bread types such as Ramadan pita, French baguette, Ciabatta, flower bread, may not be desired by the end consumers. Produced with advanced technology, Tozluk protects dough from high fire when used under bread types. At the same time, tozluk, which adds an extraordinary flavor to the bread, has a level of thinnes which is edible. Small pieces of lahmacun and pita, which are cooked in a short time, between the dough and the stone base provide a miraculous taste. Used for many traditional flavors such as closed pita, open pita, country pita, Tozluk is now at work in professional kitchens. Produced with advanced technology, the Leggings appeal to those who want to bake the bread of the future...

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 11%
max 0,50%

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