Brand-Specific Flours

For the bakery products brands that want to create the brands of the future, unique flavors will undoubtedly increase their competitiveness in the market.

Özmen Un allows you to make products with the flavor and aroma values ​​you want with flour alternatives just for you. Flour alternatives with high protein value, enriched with folic acid, and flavors that crack the palate with their special energy values ​​are everywhere in the flour. Every craftsman wants to see his own fingerprint on his work. The difference of tastes that will be created expertly can be achieved by making it special for you and carrying the trace of your life. Özmen Un perceives the taste that your fingerprint adds to the product as the most valuable trace in the world. Personalized flours carry the traces of your brand, mastery and dreams to your tables. Let's produce special flours for your brand together for the taste of your dreams and reveal unique tastes.


Special emotions for what we eat are designed with advanced technology.

All you need to do is a taste design for foods designed with grains suitable for changing climatic conditions that will carry your brand to an unrivaled place. It is now very easy to create century-old tastes special for your brand such as Vakfıkebir bread, chewing gum cookies, Maraş kete. Whether you're a neighborhood bakery or running an international bread factory, producing unique products made with healthy raw materials will be our future food challenge. In the next decade, agricultural products will be enriched in protein and vitamins, thanks to genetics and biomolecular science. The shape of the plate, the crackling of the bread, the sound coming from the baklava, the hum in the background are the factors that affect the taste and pleasure of what we eat. The story of the dishes often brings us together with our childhood memories. The flavor components, food perception and health concept of the future are undoubtedly possible with a strong food industry. Augmented reality, aromatic sounds, controlled light games will be a part of the perception of nutrition in the future. While consuming the food made with grains, the image of Göbeklitepe flowing in the background conveys the fact that it is undoubtedly a part of the old kitchens and gives direction to the taste buds. Robotic masters, design cakes from 3D printers will bring success to those who invest in the food industry of the future. At a time when technology has developed so much, it is only possible to create special tastes with strong suppliers. Modern man has taken very enthusiastic steps to carry the taste memory of the last millennium into the future. In the coming years, we will discover new flavors that we never knew before.

Turning flour into art is in your hands…

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