BELKIS for baklava börek

The traditional food culture of Anatolia continues to inspire our products. Kol böreği and Kürt böreği are unique flavors that bring the taste of the past to the future and are the ancestor of the puff börek dough for thousands of years. Kürt and Kol böreği; It is a unique type of pastry made with dough meringues kneaded with flour, water and salt, followed by a special oil. The flavor of the pastry depends on the mastery and the strength of the strong dough obtained from our Belkıs flour. The dough, which is divided into meringues, is kept for a certain time and then rolled thinly like a tulle in the hands of craftsmen. The power of the blown dough is hidden in the fingers of the masters, in the elasticity of our Belkis flour. When the strong dough is cooked, it gives taste lovers and gourmets a wonderful eating experience with a silky fluidity and crunch. Baking color, heat resistance of the dough, swelling, pulling the oil correctly, and all of these will be a tradition of thousands of years passed on by our Belkis flour and our masters to the future.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 13%
max 0,55%

Frequently AskedQuestions

Belkıs / Baklavalık – Boreklik Flour, do the products cooked with oil absorb a lot of oil?

With Belkıs / Baklava – Boreklik Flour, no oiling is done after and after consumption of as much as it should be in Kol pastry and Kurdish pastry.

Does the color of the products cooked with Belkıs / Baklavalık – Boreklik fade?

When the products cooked with Belkıs / Baklavalık – Boreklik come out of the oven, they have a bright color and a structure that disperses in the mouth.

What products can I make with Belkıs / Baklavalık – Boreklik Flour?

With Belkıs / Baklavalık – Boreklik Flour, you can easily make Kol pastry, Kurdish pastry and Su pastry without tearing your dough.

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