GEREK uğralık

Each bakery product is a masterpiece of taste that emerged as a result of the gradual mastery of the tradition of thousands of years. Each master adds their own handprint to the product, while some touches make the food unique. Each dough creates unique taste experiences reflected on the palate in terms of both kneading and flour properties. Different mastership schools use a type of flour called isthmus instead of starch to roll dough. The use of occupation, which is a very old tradition, continues to increase. Özmen Flour, Both the granules of our occupational flour are very fine. These fine particles provide shine and a different flavor layer to the dough. The flour should remain on the dough in a suffcient amount, protecting it without sticking to the dough. It takes true engineering and product knowledge to pursue. While the flour on the dough allows the dough to roll easily, it also allows it to remain soft. The meeting of Özmen Flour Both Uğralık (Flour) and Uniya Luxury Pastry Flour reveals the layers of taste reflected on the palate.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 10%
max 0,55%

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