ÖZMEN SARISI for bread - bazlama

Favorite of Artisan bread makers, crown of bazlama, star of roll breads.We produced Özmen Sarısı flour, which takes its color from the brightest state of the sun to produce perfect bread varieties that make you feel a different smell at every bite and oer the scents of chamomile and crocus. With Özmen Sarısı, the apple of the eye of the new generation bakers, you will make your products unique while bringing your mastery to the top with the uniquely porous breads with excellent moisture content and suffcient crust thickness

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 14%
max 0,80%

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is the shelf life and flavor of Özmen Sarısı / Ekmeklik – Bazlamalık Flour?

Products prepared with Özmen Sarısı have a longer shelf life than products made from white flour. In addition, products are prepared with an indescribable taste.

Does the water absorption rate of Özmen Sarısı / Ekmeklik – Bazlamalık Flour change?

The water withdrawal rate varies according to the products made. It has a much higher water removal rate than white flours.

What is the color of the products produced with Özmen Sarısı / Ekmeklik – Bazlamalık?

Özmen Sarısı is produced in yellow, which is hard durum wheat.

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