UNİYA for lux wafer

Flour produced for each flavor requires different engineering and mastery. Rolling the dough with a rolling pin, rolling it with a machine (trako), both forms of production are important from each other in order to keep Anatolian flavors alive and carry them into the future. In the standard dough rolling, starch is used to prevent the dough from sticking. However, some traditional masters use flours instead of starch. Structural features of dough used for occupation are different. The easy opening of the dough used for the cereal, not breaking up affects the quality of the wafer. The wafers are often cooked on a traditional sheet metal. Its resistance to sheet heat and short cooking time add flavor to its taste. The brightness of the wafer changes depending on the water absorption of the dough during irrigation. While the journey of flavor, which begins by packaging without breaking, ends on new tables, each wafer creates a new flavor story. Our Uniya Luxurious Pastry Flour is for you, our artisan craftsmen who have devoted their lives to wafer making..

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 13%
max 0,60%

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