UNİYA for machine wafer

While Anatolian bakery inspired the European continent thousands of years ago, Cappadocian bakers started pastry in Italy. As in the past, wafer, which is a Central Asian tradition, is opened to the world market by being produced in machines. For the machine dough, the dough obtained from our Uniya Wafer Flour; It is rolled with a stretching system and turns into thin doughs. The strength of the wafer, the durability of the machine and the taste story of the wafer make it unique. The long shelf life and the fact that it is not broken, separates it from other wafers in the flavor journey that it will come out with packaging. The higher the dough’s water absorption, the higher the performance that the producer expects from flour. Özmen engineering carries the high quality you can obtain from Uniya machine Wafer Flour to your wafer, as in all our products

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12,5%
max 0,60%

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