UNİYA for mantı

The indispensable taste of our traditional cuisine, our mantı flour, which is easy to roll and resistant to breaking, gives a feast of taste when it meets the taste of minced meat. Our Uniya Mantılık flour offers satisfactory performance both in the fingers of craftsmen and in production with machinery. Uniya Mantılık is the strong flour produced for the art of mantı that adds flavor to the traditional dishes of Kayseri and is engraved in memories.

The most delicious mantı on palates is now turning into the handprint of professional kitchens with Uniya Mantılık flour. The only choice of masters with its flavor and strength structure… A century-old tradition where you can see all the reflections of patience adds to mastery in one spoon. The moment when a spoon turns into a great taste at the table where tradition meets the future, the mantı tradition of Anatolia is on the world tables with Uniya Mantılık.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12,5%
max 0,60%

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