Artisian Series


Artisian yeast; is his good nature.

The dream of baklava masters; A rustle belonging only to them, an aroma that will not be erased from the palate for centuries...

Özmen Un prepares the "golden ratio" to realize the dreams of every baklava master. Special flour is produced from scratch for the masters who share the flour mixture they want. Thus, unique baklava flours with a unique flavor emerge in each slice. The design of the dough that will provide the most suitable meeting with peanut, walnut, plain oil; Craftsman inspired, perfect fit.

Our inspiration is in the handprints of masters... If you are setting off in Anatolia in a spring, the scent of creamy donuts waiting to be secluded welcomes you. Longing for the yellowest of the sun, spring turning into winter and summer, greets your morning with the sprouts of the seed longing for the soil. This is the way to Gaziantep, the hometown of baklava masters who have transformed dough into dough and flour into art for hundreds of years.

With its coppersmiths, Zeugma, mosques, inns and baths, it bears witness to the masters of history. Kneading dough requires patience and strength, the secret of mastery is knowing and turning the dough into phyllo with a silky touch. While the artisans are mixing peanuts and sherbet into the dough, they whisper the secret of life with the rustle of every tongue at the millennium stop of the Silk Road. With the sounds coming from the Coppersmiths' Bazaar, the end of a slice takes you to the Baklavacılar Bazaar, where thousands of years of craftsmanship come from. The days, minutes and hands touching the dough are the inspiration for our crafting series.

A seed carries the genetic legacy of its species thousands of years into the future. For tradesmen; is to claim this heritage and treat it like a diamond. But mastering is not easy. It takes effort and patience. artisan yeast; is his good nature. Erenler says: Apprenticeship is a period of ignorance and indifference, it requires patience, it is grueling. The traveler needs power, it takes effort to bring knowledge and consciousness together. But mastery is like sailing on cool waters. But there is a wisdom that cannot be savored. It is called mastery, he spreads the dough he kneaded on the fire with his eyes closed. As Özmen Un, knowing the value of this wisdom, we dedicate our handicraft series to them. With my respect and respect to all masters from the past to the future.

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