ALTINDANE for halka dessert

Halka Desserts that are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and crumbled in the mouth; are sometimes shared on a street and sometimes on Halil İbrahim Table. Halka desserts, the favorite product of recent years, whose taste defies centuries and the tradition of sherbet and frying has taken the dough to another level, now carries the tradition to the future with Özmen Flour’s Altındane flour for Halka dessert. Produced from durum wheat, Altındane flour for Halka dessert oers a dierent taste experience in every bite with its crumbling in the mouth and its smell.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12,5%
max 0,85%
Altındane Halka Tatlılık

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is the difference of Altındane / Mix product?

It is a product produced to provide price advantage. All other features are the same.

For which companies is Altındane / Zarif more suitable?

Firms producing sweets for thinner rings prefer Altındane / Zarif flour.

Is Altındane / Zarif a product compatible with automatic machine?

It is specially prepared for automatic machine production with pump or bag.

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