BURGOS semolina

There are some flavors that are not possible to describe, they have special feelings and feelings for that moment. Burgos crowns craftsmanship with four different varieties that bring such products into existence. Summer halvah prepared with Burgos, which we define as 0-1-2-3, takes you to childhood memories with halvah meetings between bread. For example, Hosmerim… Although it is made differently in every province, it is one of the unforgettable local flavors of memories. For example, Sivrihisar Hosmerim; It carries all the aroma that butter adds to semolina to a unique flavor level with sherbet. Four different types of our Burgos product add flavor and aroma to many dierent products according to their granular structure. You can make Hayrabolu dessert or add it as a thickener to içli köfte. Or you can prepare the legendary semolina halvah. Burgos Semolina, which you will add to the mixture you prepared for the Şöbiyet, will bring the mastery to the highest level.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12,5%
max 0,65%
Burgos İrmik Semolina 0-1-2-3

Frequently AskedQuestions

Are there black spots in Burgos Irmik Flour?

When you open the package of Burgos Irmik product, there are no different grains that will change the taste of pike or semolina, except for the yellow grain color.

What color is Burgos Irmik Flour?

Do you produce products with different granular structure with Burgos Irmik Flour?

There are different types of production from number 0 to number 3. When necessary, brand-specific, thicker granule products are also produced.

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