SARI BURMA for kadayıf

The magnificent burma kadayif; Its silky structure, with its fine crumbling in the mouth, crowns its womb golden color meeting with plain oil. Yellow Flour for Burma Kadayıf is produced with the most special durum wheat, fried like pomegranate, with the fertile crescent. Its outer layer is crispy and soft inside and each piece is dazzling with its mastery… Offering a different flavor layer in each bite, kadayıf protects them from fire while being a unique home to the peanuts and walnuts it contains.

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12%
max 0,65%
Sarı Burma Kadayıflık

Frequently AskedQuestions

Sarı Burma / Kadayıflık Flour does your flour get gummy?

When kneading the dough, a good crawling occurs, resulting in a dough consistency that can be poured without gumming.

Does Sarı Burma / Kadayıflık get crispy?

When the products prepared with Sarı Burma Kadayıflık Flour are cooked, they will be crispy and will feel like a dispersion in your mouth.

What color is the Sarı Burma / Kadayıflık flour?

The color of Sarı Burma / Kadayıflık product is yellow.

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