SÜPER HIŞIR for baklava

Süper Hışır, which is produced from our wheat that come to life with the sun of Mesopotamia, gets its inspiration from the amazing “crust” sound which is heard in every bite of a baklava.Thanks to the elasticity of the dough, light wafer like tulle and strong like iron are rolled out. Mastery is to preserve the unique flavors that are scattered on every layer and to bring them together with sherbet. With Super Hışır, you can either create the main body of your baklava or create a special baklava that you knead completely with it. New generation baklavas which crumble in palates and whose smell will stay in the people’s memory for hundreds of years with Super Hışır, are the favourite of the craftsmen

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12%
max 0,65%
Süper Hışır
Özmen Özel
Antep Unu

Frequently AskedQuestions

How does Makine / Kadayıflık flour absorb sugar?

When kadaif is cooked, it absorbs enough sugar and turns into a product that can be eaten with pleasure.

Do Antep Unu, Zivago, Süper Hışır and Özmen Özel flours have discoloration problems?

The color of the baklava becomes the desired golden color and retains its color for a long time.

Do Antep Unu, Zivago, Süper Hışır and Özmen Özel flours become rubbery?

There is no rubberization problem in the products and rottenness is given as much as it should be.

Are Antep Unu, Zivago, Süper Hışır and Özmen Özel flours suitable for the machine?

Our products are suitable for automatic machine and rolling pin rolling.

What is the feature of product Süper Hışır?

It is specially produced for the product to swell, disperse in the mouth and acquire a golden color.

Is Süper Hışır yellow in color?

It is produced in yellow color from durum wheat.

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