TEKİRA for tulumba lokma

If you live in Turkey, doesn’t matter where in Turkey, you share the unique memories which tulumba dessert adds to your tables. Whether you buy a tulumba from a fast street vendor, or Lokma in Izmir, or a tulumba you tasted one evening in Diyarbakır, everyone has memories that will not be erased from the minds. While the Tulumba and the lokma dessert are fried at high temperatures, the fluid dough, which gains strength, becomes alive when it becomes one with boiling syrup. Its taste is in its strong fluid dough. The fluid but also elastic dough protects the crunch on its outer shell without softening when it meets the syrup as well as showing resistance against hot oils. Özmen Un mastery comes into play here. Special flours which are produced for Anatolian tastes, carries special quality standarts as well as special a hundred years old aromas to the product, in every bit

allergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12,5%
max 0,65%
Tekira Tulumbalık - Lokmalık

Frequently AskedQuestions

How is the crunch of the products made with Tekira / Tulumbalık - Lokmalık Flour?

Tulumba or lokma dessert made with Tekira is eaten by crushing on the palate with the feeling of a crispy product, not a crispy one.

How does Tekira / Tulumbalık - Lokmalık flour absorb sugar?

Since sugar absorption is quite good in product Tekira / Tulumbalık - Lokmalık, softening does not occur at all.

Will there be any softening in Tekira / Tulumbalık - Lokmalık flour?

Mass production was started after a long R&D process in accordance with the pump and bite process. With Tekira Tulumbalık – Lokmalık flour, there will be no softening, especially in the summer months or in the products left to the next day.

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