ZİVAGO for baklava

A brand new baklava flour from Özmen Un. After the world's most excellent baklava flours such as Özmen Özel, Super Hışir, Zeugma, Antep Flour, it is now a flour that you can easily roll out your dough in any dry-humid conditions, and protect your baklavas with high quality in any environment. Why is Zivago so ambitious? Because Zivago; We produce it with the blend of wheat we harvest from ancestral seed varieties with contracted sowing in the ancient plains of Harran, Göbeklitepe, Barak, Yavuzeli, where the sun reflects differently. By adding Özmen flour engineering and Industry 4.0 technology to our wheat, which we harvest with the sweat of our farmers and the tastes of the sun, we protect the Anatolian agricultural heritage and the taste memory of thousands of years. We present Zivago, our new baklava flour that breaks the rules, to you, our artisans. Please do not mix this unique flour with another flour.

alergen notice
includes gluten.
max 14,5%
min 12%
max 0,65%

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is the feature of Zivago product?

It is a product specially produced by combining Antep Unu, Süper Hışır ve Özmen Özel flours. Shelf life is at least 10 days.

Is the color of the Zivago product yellow?

It is produced in yellow color from durum wheat.

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