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With nearly half a century of experience, we continue to contribute to the Anatolian agriculture and food sector by believing in local and domestic labor, making advanced technology and innovative investments. We support local and registered seed production by following the footsteps of geographical indications, and lead licensed warehousing and contracted agricultural works.

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We wish success to your brand, flavor to your table and healing to your life... Discover our delicious taste meetings, inspiration and products!

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Investing in the future of food with Industry 4.0.

The dream of the dark milled grain is the unique structures in which flour is turned into art. The flours produced with Industry 4.0 Technology without human touch provide the tremendous touch that will carry Anatolia's unique grain heritage to the future.

Our most important job is to produce safe food.

With the peeling system and laser cleaning, the world's most advanced food safety system, the grains are purified from all external factors and are prepared for professional kitchens.

Engineering that turns grain into flour. 

We produce flour for the future of the world with the seeds of the lands we take root in. Healthy, high fiber, low glycemic index and protein enriched flours will bring health to the tables not only in today's world but also in the future.

Being self-sufficient in agriculture.

Supporting Anatolian agriculture can be made possible by designing the future of agriculture. Knowing how strategic agriculture is in the future of the world, Özmen Un travels every inch of Anatolia and produces personalized flours suitable for food safety with a rich variety of seeds.


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