Social Responsibility

As a part of our basic values ​​and principles, we consider acting with social responsibility awareness in all our activities as one of the basic and unchangeable elements of our management approach. We determine our understanding of social responsibility and our priorities in this regard by considering the best for the society and the environment. We take care to take a leading role in activities aimed at protecting democracy, human rights and the environment.

Being self-sufficient in agriculture is among the basic responsibilities of societies as well as countries, and all stakeholders of the sector should share the awareness of social responsibility. Supporting Anatolian and World agriculture can only be possible by designing the future of agriculture. We know how important the agricultural sector is in the future of the world, and we travel every inch of Anatolia to produce special flours suitable for food safety with a rich variety of seeds. We are aware of our responsibility to keep Anatolian flavors alive and carry them to the future, and we are working hard for a better future.


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