HR Policy

Individual and Organizational Development

With Organizational Development, it is aimed to establish a solid organizational structure and system by analyzing all methods and processes in order to achieve short, medium and long-term goals. All these trainings, which start with the recruitment process, support individual and organizational development.

Orientation Trainings

Orientation programs are organized in order to ensure that new employees understand the company rules and policies and to facilitate their adaptation to the company. The first days of being hired at the company are effective in terms of first impression, consolidation and strengthening of ties with the company, feeling "close" in the short term and seeing oneself as a part of the organization, while it significantly affects loyalty, work motivation and the employee's decision to continue working with the company in the long run.

Performance Management

With the individual performance management implemented, it is ensured that department goals are reduced to individual goals, employees are evaluated with accurate and objective criteria, motivated to produce results, and a culture of continuous improvement is created. Due to the variability of the expected work outputs from different positions; It is aimed to ensure continuous development and improvement by meeting all legal and customer requirements related to environmental aspects.


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