What to Do with Bread Dough?

August 05 2021 Food Art

Bread is indispensable in meals. Who can say no to handmade, especially freshly baked bread? It is smeared with butter, homemade tulum cheese, dishes soaked in water… Of course, it is customary to eat half a meal, starting from the edge of the bread and returning home from the oven. There are also dishes made from the classic dough of this excellent bread, some of which are even tastier than bread. Piti, pizza, pita, lokma dessert… If you want to try different flavors with tea or for breakfast, you can make both economical and practical meals with bread dough.

Divide the bread dough out of the oven into walnut-sized balls. Roll out the dough balls flat in the palm of your hand and fry them in hot oil. Consume your cake with cheese or honey. You can also sprinkle powdered sugar on top for a slightly sweet taste.

* Wet your hands occasionally while rolling out the dough.

* If you wish, you can make your pizza with potatoes, minced meat, chocolate or cheese. For this, put the ingredients on one side of the round dough you opened and cover the other side on it. When you are sure that there are no gaps on the edges, you can fry in hot oil.

Fake Pizza

Grease the baking tray and spread the bread dough thinly on the bottom of the tray. Spread the pizza sauce you prepared or, if you wish, a little diluted tomato paste on the dough. Then decorate your pizza with the ingredients you want and put it in the oven.

* In order for the edges to be crispy, you can open the dough so that it overflows the edge of the tray.
Lokma Dessert
You can easily prepare your Lokma dessert by making smaller dough balls without observing it. The only additional ingredient you need is syrup. Throw the bread dough, which you have separated a little smaller than the size of a walnut, into the hot oil and fry it. After the dough has cooled, pour the hot syrup on it and wait for the dough to absorb the syrup. You can serve your Lokma dessert without waiting for it to cool.


Divide the bread dough in half and roll it out thinly with the help of a rolling pin. Put your ingredients in the middle of the dough that you have opened in a round shape and close the edges of the remaining dough, curl the ends of the dough. After making sure that there are no gaps anywhere on the pita, brush eggs on it and garnish with black cumin and sesame seeds; let it cook in the oven.

* You can use half a loaf of bread dough for every 1 slice of pita.



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