How to Identify Quality Flour?

August 05 2021 General

Quality pastries are made from quality flour. The quality of the flour undoubtedly determines the quality of the wheat. Quality wheat is grown depending on many factors. All must be complete and of high quality. Soil structure, irrigation, ecoregion, timely planting, harvesting and storage are the most important determinants. Wheat flour is obtained from the endosperm, which is the most carbohydrate-rich part of the grain. Quality flour should contain all the vitamins and minerals found in the endosperm. The weight of the wheat from which flour is obtained should be around 1 gram.

Color, smell, texture…

The whiteness of quality flour is evident from the smell and softness of wheat. After opening the flour package, you can do a little experiment: First, take the flour to your nose and smell it. Flour should not contain any odor other than wheat. If you smell the slightest moisture, do not use it at all. Look at the color of the flour, the whiter the better. Then take some flour and squeeze it into the palm of your hand, if the flour is scattered around, it is of good quality. It provides convenience during dough rolling and makes the cakes fluffier.

What to consider?

When buying flour, you should definitely prefer that it is packaged and from a good brand. Due to its structure and shape, flour is mixed with other products and offered for sale. You should stay away from the flour sacks that are often seen in bakeries, markets, greengrocers and markets. You should take care that the packaging is never torn or punctured, as this is a moisture-inducing condition.



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