Özmen Un With Tatlı Buluşmalar - Kayseri

October 11 2021 Events


The “Tatlı Buluşmalar” program was in Gaziantep, after Tarsus, in Kayseri.

After the Anatolian Bread Map study, Özmen Un traveled all over the country to create a flavor map for desserts in order to preserve Anatolia's agricultural heritage and to provide solidity to craftsmen. Speaking in the "Sweet Meetings" Kayseri program, Özmen Un Chairman of the Board Erhan Özmen draws our strength from Gaziantep, the land where we were born, from here we built a world-class flour factory with the world's most advanced technology in order to bring our voice and taste to the whole world. Our aim is to make healthy and delicious flours with ancestral Anatolian wheat. Unique tastes can be created in every area where flour is made with the products that come out of the factory that produces flour to be used in all areas of flour products.

Özmen pointed out that they produced 43 types of flour with 20 engineers in the Industry 4.0 factory; Our aim is to produce flours that support craftsmanship, facilitate their work and of course add flavor to the taste.

In the "Kayseri Tatlı Buluşmalar" event, Mehmet Çiftçi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Çelebioğlu Baklava, Turkey's leading baklava brands, and İsrafil Kartal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bulguroğlu Baklava, stood by the baklava makers with both their products and their experience and answered their questions.

Erhan Özmen, as our technology changes, our flours change. Zivago flour and Antep flour are our latest flours that we bring to baklava. Our aim is to produce flour for baklava, which is cooked in less time, does not burn the peanuts and walnuts in it, and can still maintain its freshness after 4-5 days when eaten. Currently, baklavas made with Zivago and Antep flour come out of the oven in 25 minutes. Just a few years ago, baklava used to stay in the oven for 33 minutes. 25 minutes is a revolution for baklava. Erhan Özmen, who said that it increases the taste as well as reduces the costs, said that the purpose of our work is to support craftsmanship and to increase the taste.

Erhan Özmen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, we do not only produce flour. We carry the heritage of thousands of years of Anatolian craftsmanship and seeds baked with the sun of 12,000 years of Mesopotamia to the future. We know that the master's good nature is his leaven. Our aim is to leaven mastery with technology and knowledge, to support them.

Erhan Özmen, who says that he is the 3rd generation representative of a milling family that has been around for half a century, is to expand the baklava market from Turkey to the world by creating strong brands. Our aim is to develop our business by expanding the healthier and delicious dessert market both in Turkey and in the world.

Representatives of the region's most important baklava brands participated in the conversation program with the products and representatives of the region's important baklava and dessert brands. Orhan Anteplioğlu, Yeşil Kunefe, Sevgi Bacı Bakery Products, Baytekin Unlu Mamuller, Lider Bakery Mamuller, Fırın Kayseri, Nova Unlu Mamuller expressed their positive opinions about Özmen Un's latest product Zivago and Antep flour. While expressing that they shared their vision of becoming a Turkish brand first and then a world brand with Özmen Un, the precious brands of the region, they said, "We have the same ambition and path, we will expand our market together and carry Turkish sweets to the world."

The desserts and other flour products served attracted great attention.

“Tatlı buluşmalar” program will continue with Ankara and Samsun meetings.



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