Tatlı Buluşmalar with Özmen Un - Samsun

December 20 2021 Fairs


Özmen Un continues to bring sector representatives together as part of the "Tatlı Buluşmalar" event.

The "Tatlı Buluşmalar" event, which brings together professional baklava makers, artisans and masters every month, took place on 10 December at the Sheraton Grand Samsun Hotel. The organization, which started from Gaziantep to bring Özmen Un's new products and services together with sector representatives; After Mersin, Kayseri and the capital Ankara, Samsun was also welcomed with great interest.

 "Our Confidence in Anatolia's Agricultural Heritage is Endless"

Ozmen Un Y.K., which is welcomed with the taste of Atom, a taste of the Samsun region, and the lively melodies of the Black Sea. President Erhan Özmen, while expressing his confidence in the sector and the agricultural heritage of Anatolia, said, “Our belief and passion for our work, our country and the future will carry us. We, with our 4th generation representatives, transform Anatolia's grain heritage into flour and bring it to the whole world. We support our farmers with our contracted agriculture," he said.

Sharing valuable information in many fields of agriculture, Özmen shared the good news for the future of the Turkish flour industry with the industry and continued his words as follows: “The future will be more difficult than today. In order to exist in the future as Turkey, it is necessary to be strong operationally and to produce the food of the future. Grain milling can be transformed into a center that produces the world's most value-added flours with very important investments for healthy flours and value-added products," and gave the first signals of the grain milling planned by Özmen Un in the coming period.

"A Feast of Flavor Happened in the Pearl of the Black Sea"

Tatlı Buluşmalar brought the sector together in Samsun, the pearl of the Black Sea, and gave the guests a feast of taste. Among the participants, Salih Usta, Ünlüoğlu Baklava, Usluoğlu, Taş Ocak, Altın Ekmek, Baltat, Fetil Yufka, Beton Halva, Slice Dessert, Lokma Tatlı, Hacıbekir, Adem Usta and many other brands are Samsun-specific Atom – Samsun bagels and various products. they drew attention. While Özmen Un's products, produced with 42 different product ranges, were tasted by craftsmen and industry stakeholders, they also contributed to the development of new products with their comments.

 In the "Samsun Dessert Meetings" event, one of Turkey's leading baklava brands, Çelebioğlu Baklava's Y.K. President Mehmet Çiftçi, one of the founders of Bulguroğlu Baklava, Necati Bulguroğlu, and the founder of Akşam Simit, İbrahim Aksu, added color to the organization with their participation, and answered the questions and shared their experiences in the sector with the audience.

Özmen Un Tatlı Buluşmalar; It ended with the awarding of plaques to regional dealers such as Emre Gıda and Yüceler Gıda.

The “Tatlı Buluşmalar” program will continue to travel every inch of Anatolia, support artisans and keep the pulse of the industry.



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