Field Agriculture

Field Agriculture
  • Plowing is done to prepare the soil for autumn planting. For planting in plowed fields, folding and trifolding are done. Fertilization continues with the flock.
  • Especially in cold regions, early planting starts this month.
  • Irrigation, hoeing and other maintenance works continue in industrial facilities.
  • All kinds of diseases and pests are struggled.
  • Harvest and threshing works are carried out. Crushing in tobacco, harvesting in cotton continues. Other industrial crops and orchards are harvested.


  • In some regions, sapling pits are opened for autumn planting. Pans are prepared in nurseries for sowing seeds with seeds.
  • Saplings and trees are not planted.
  • In addition to the maintenance, irrigation and hoeing works in the garden and nursery, stagnant budding continues in some regions.
  • The fight against pests that are likely to hatch in the coming year and damage the fruit continues.
  • Some of the fruits were harvested. The harvest of various fruits continues. Harvested fruits are packaged and shipped to the market or are stored and evaluated. Green olives are harvested for brine.


  • In some regions, planting of winter vegetables and saplings continues.
  • Watering, hoeing and other maintenance works are done in vegetables. seeds are taken from vegetables.
  • Various pests and diseases are combated.
  • All kinds of vegetables are harvested. In some regions, the last season vegetables are started to be harvested.
  • Vegetables are packaged and shipped to the market or evaluated in different ways.


  • Maintenance works such as irrigation and vineyard tying continue in the vineyards.
  • Efforts to combat various diseases and pests continue.
  • Grape harvest, marketing or evaluation in different ways continues.


  • In some regions, animals return to their winter quarters from the highlands. The barns are prepared by performing the necessary repair and disinfection processes.
  • The care of animals such as feeding, grooming and cleaning continues throughout the month.
  • Coaching continues.
  • Pasture grazing continues in some areas. It is the last harvest time for meadow and forage crops. Harvest, maize and other green fodder silage processes begin.
  • The fight against animal diseases and pests continues.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming
  • Coops are repaired and prepared for winter. It has been whitewashed and disinfected.
  • The feeding of chickens is continued with various feeds. Chickens should be left on stubble and clover often.
  • Preventive vaccines are given and preventive drugs are given to combat diseases.


  • Maintenance work continues in the hives. In cold regions, the hive mouths narrow.
  • Various bee disease pests are struggled.
  • Honey harvest continues. In regions with cold onset, winter feeding status is checked in the hives.


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